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          Barry B. Fisher LL.B.

          Barry B. Fisher LL.B. is a mediator and arbitrator of both employment and labour relations matters. He offers three forms of ADR based on the clients’ needs: Mediation, Arbitration and Med/Arb. Barry is from the evaluative school of mediation and brings his over 30 years experience as an employment lawyer and legal author to the dispute. In addition to his knowledge of the legal issues involved in these disputes, he also has a deep understanding of the psychological factors that motivate both employees and employers. By combining these two skills, Barry is able to achieve a settlement rate of over 85% of the disputes that he mediates.

          Barry is the author of the Wrongful Dismissal Database, Canada's first and leading online database of reasonable notice periods. The Wrongful Dismissal Database is distributed by Thomson Reuters and is used widely by employment lawyers, human resources professionals, and judges across Canada.

          Blog Updates

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